Mankind has a very strong need for personal development. The stronger this need is, the greater the desire to find answers to unresolved questions.

Even just a small amount of time-out can prove to be very worthwhile. Already a week with professional guidance in a place of silence and nature opens up new perspectives and leaves room for previously unimagined ideas and visions. Our customers are always pleasantly surprised at the effective results achieved within a short time.

Following the retreat, we develop a tailor-made implementation strategy and accompany the candidate in the realization of the next steps.

In the preliminary discussion with the candidate we take up the needs and concerns of the candidates and compile an individual program.

In selecting locations, we have paid great attention to the different requirements of our customers and, in cooperation with our partners, offer a place of retreat either in the heat of the south or in the cooler regions of the north:

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Retreat Lapland

With around 5500 km2, the Vindelfjäll is Western Europe’s largest natural reserve, encompassing diverse forms of landscape from Highlands, U-shaped valleys, waterfalls, silver birch forests and wetlands. Thus, the local biodiversity of animals and plants is almost intact. In addition to moose, bear, wolverine, lynx and reindeer, even polar fox and dwarf geese can be observed. This is where Sami culture lives, and reindeer farming is actively pursued.

Övre Sandsele in Lapland is an old farm, situated directly on the Vindel river. The settlement of this place dates back to the Stone Age. Two log cabins for 2 to 4 persons, 2 double rooms in the swedish house, sauna and hotpool along the river offer security and comfort. For philosophers, hermits, kimiautors and nature lovers, we can offer a Jaktstuga as well as many other kinds of romantic tents.

Is your life circumstance sometimes too far removed from nature and enclosed? With 0.05 persons per km2 there is plenty of space to discover yourself. Here you will find space to relax and unwind. Space, to refuel with renewed vigour. Space to explore your hidden horizons and find new ideas. There is a wide variety of types of accommodation and local cuisine to enjoy.

Retreat Andalusia

Since April 1, 2014, Roger and Brigitte Schläpfer have been leading the relaxation paradise, the top-house Olivetum Colina in Montoro / Córdoba, Andalusia.

Nestled in its own olive grove with over 200 years old olive trees (30 000 m2 / 300 olive trees), you will find your perfect rest in the own facility.

The calming, idyllic landscape offers a lot of variety depending on the season. In winter and spring nature is lush green, in summer and autumn barren and original. The variety of the plants fascinates: for example the ever-blossoming citrus fruits, the miracle flower plants such as the well-known bougainvillea, the stones and the countless Mediterranean herbs.

The historic guesthouse Olivetum Colina is the 200 year old mill, which has been stylishly renovated. The thick white walls, combined with the red Montoro stone, give the complex its typical southern Spanish charm.

The cozy, newly renovated rooms, the cozy seats and niches, the refreshing, spacious swimming pool with jacuzzi and the view over the hilly, gentle landscape meet all requirements. The pool area as well as the sun terrace with sun loungers invite you to enjoy and linger.