Research project of the FHS St. Gallen


The Fachhochschule St. Gallen and our company have set the goal of developing a strategy which will strengthen the employability and the sustainable management of personnel reductions and the release of personnel and facilitate their detachment from the previous environment.

The basic idea is that companies do not only provide support for the reduction of workers in the short term, but also help to maintain the “employability” of each employee in a long-term perspective and to build up a money-based “airbag” for support services.

Systemic organizational development

On the basis of system theory and with a constructive approach it is possible to thoroughly understand the functional logic of organizations and to translate our findings into practice-oriented solutions.

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heart rate variability measurement


Impressively, the life-fire picture visualizes the condition of the measured person – a completely new way to more health and performance.



What is heart rate variability measurement?

Rhythmic changes in our well-being are manifested by a difference in heartbeat, which is controlled by our inner clock, our breathing, our emotions and external influences; Our heart reacts directly to everything we experience on the outside and to what think and feel inside.

Based on this analysis, objectives are defined and concrete measures are structured to further improve your overall status and to optimize your quality of life as well as your long-term performance.

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